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and driver compliance, globally.

Helping our customers reduce costs, ensure compliance, and improve

safety with our industry-leading Fleet Management Technology.

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We help our customers fleet operations, maintaining a safer and more compliant fleet whatever the size.

Fleet Operations

Remote Downloading, Tracking and Telematics

Ensuring you and your employees are compliant with all legal requirements has never been easier. Improve fleet efficiences in one platform.

Fleet Operations


The complete DVSA Walkaround compliance solutions for all aspects of PCV, HGV and company vehicle checking and reporting.

Fleet Operations

Fleet Management

Manage your entire fleet operations as efficiently as possible. Never miss key dates with our intelligent scheduling system and store all documentation electronically.

Experts you can trust

Industry-leading full-stack technology solution

20+ years’ experience of Fleets and Fleet operations

End-to-end configuration and installation from experts & technicians

A true partnership

We Help Fleet Managers with Everyday Challenges

Fleet Operations has become a risky business. Managing safety, compliance, driver behaviour and performance improvement whilst controlling costs can be time-consuming, expensive and causes all kinds of headaches.

H-TEC is designed to help you to meet these challenges head on and make your business vehicle operations safer, smarter and more efficient by offering intuitive fleet management software and support.

H-TEC has the knowledge and resources to help improve driver safety,
reduce costs and ensure compliance.

Whether you are a HGV/PSV/Van driver, or a manager our range of courses will ensure you are getting the highest standards of training and information required to carry out your duties professionally.

Peace of Mind

Our services give you peace of mind that your information and data is securely stored. We demonstrate the very high standards set by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)

Knowledge and Expertise

H-TEC is built by our expert support team with many years of experience of supporting successful driver and vehicle compliance solutions

Maintenance and Support

All of our services offer full enhanced support from our technical team. Proactive service response is available as part of all of our services and ensures any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

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Smart2: Is here

Smart2: Is here

Starting from August 21, 2023, all newly registered vehicles must be equipped with the new Smart Tachograph version 2 (Smart2). And by August 21,...



So what is a tachograh? First lets have a look at the word itself, “tacho” comes from the Greek word takho which translates as speed or swiftness...

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