H-TEC was born

In 2016 owner Gary Burdett then launched H-TEC and went on to solely focus in providing first class Transport Management Solutions to the Commercial Vehicle Sector that enabled H-TEC to become a market leader in this field.

Over the years the company has become more specialised, and now we focus 100% on Fleet Management software, Compliance and Legal services, Training and our comprehensive online store.

Recognising both the importance of Technology and commitment to customer care to the future of fleet compliance, and the opportunity to congregate a suite of services, Gary surrounded himself with a first-class team.

  • Become a FORS Approved Training Provider
  • Introduced our first VR Immersive Course
  • Acquired Eletek – Vehicle Safety Systems
  • Identified the development of new products
  • Opened new HQ in East Midlands
  • Rebranded to the H-TEC Group
  • Become a Jaupt Approved Centre
  • Expanded our E-Commerce Product Range
  • Expanded our offering on our Solutions to better support Fleet Managers
  • Huge growth of re-occurring revenue despite challenging global economy

Validated Data

Mandatory fields within the App and GPS location data mean you can confirm vehicles are genuinely being checked.

No Complex I.T

Performance automatically feeds data via apps and the web. All you have to do is login and customise your reports.

Live Reporting

All submitted tachograph and WalkAround checks are automatically available to view through reporting tools, enabling you to respond to issues immediately.

Better Driver Interaction

Experience better interaction with your drivers with instant mutual resolutions to issues.

Quicker Feedback

Feedback response times are dramatically cut between driver and management with the help of our other modules.

Proactive & Educational

Learn as you solve: By solving issues proactively, drivers will learn quickly, preventing the development of bad habits.

Automatic Escalation

Escalation can be automated when a certain level of failures are met.

League Table Scheme

Drivers and depots can be ranked based on performance points. Points can be configured to your business’ standard.

Cost Effective

No charge for customers using our Tachograph module.

A solution tailored to you

Our flexible platform consists of modules that can be purchased individually or bundled together to suit your unique fleet management needs.

DVSA Earned Recognition

Monitor set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Keep track of both vehicles and drivers
  • Information sent automatically to DVSA
  • Automated reports on a set of KPIs
Fleet Management

Manage your entire fleet as efficiently as possible


Save time and revolutionize driver communication

  • Unlimited Content
  • Accountability
  • Instant Communications
Licence Check

Actively check and report on driving licence eligibility

  • Fully integrated with DVLA
  • Colour coded risk flag
  • Automated Reports

Audit and management of driver performance


Complete tachograph analysis compliance solution

  • Dedicated module
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Any size of fleet

Real-time GPS tracking and monitoring

  • Live Tachograph Data
  • Multiple Maps
  • Extensive Reports

Plan, schedule, and record training

Manage all types of courses
Keep compliant with Driver CPC
Online Document Storage


The industry standard Walkaround Check app

Designed for Drivers
Real Time Information
Report & Analyse

Any questions?

We’re all ears

Not sure of something, want a direct answer to your specific question, if so, let us know and we’ll happily help.


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