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Digital technologies are fundamentally transforming how businesses across all industries operate and deliver value to their customers and those who operate vehicle fleets and mobile workforces have in many ways been leading the way.

That’s why in 2016 we founded H-TEC. The Internet of Things, for us, is an opportunity to speed up, deepen and enrich the critical collaboration between often remote and mobile teams. It should empower people.

Our driver and vehicle operations platform is defined by the needs of the mobile workers, fleet managers and others that use it to digitize and automate manual processes and deliver on the transformational promise of these cutting-edge technologies.

Your success is our priority

Choosing H-TEC is just the beginning of our journey together. Whether you have one vehicle or a thousand, we’re with you every step of the journey to a safer, efficient and more compliant vehicle fleet.

We want all our customers to be ‘wowed’ by our customer focus and our dedication to adding value to their business.

Our Key Values

Industry-leading full-stack technology solution



Personalised service from a team of dedicated support experts

Full familiarisation and training package for you and your team


Ongoing technical support provided by in-house experts

Regular updates, insights and industry news



End-to-end configuration and installation from experts & technicians

Complete onboarding with our technical support team

The benefit of our 20+ years’ experience of fleets and fleet operations

Meet fleet challenges head on with H-TEC

Multiple solutions, numerous benefits

Find out just some of the amazing benefits H-TEC can offer you
Single, easy to use platform

A complete Fleet Management platform helps you manage every aspect of your fleet. From Tachograph Analysis, Walkaround, Licence Check, Fleet Management to Live Tracking, Telematics & Camera Systems all in one single sign on, designed by experts.

The eyes and ears of your fleet

Real-time visibility, anywhere

Immediate insight and a complete picture of vehicle, driver and safety performance. Easy-to-use platform, with full access to the web, desktop or mobile applications to manage day to day fleet operations.

Reduces costs


Identify and predict risks, improve driving behavior and avoid non-compliance.

Ensures Compliance

Compliance you cannot be without

Store all information in one secure, cloud-based place. Verified and time-stamped records. Reduce paperwork, never miss a deadline and get organised. All stored in the cloud with on-demand retrieval to prove regulatory compliance.

Customer Success

Our Customer Success team is dedicated to providing you with first-class customer service. We’re here to help all customers get the most out H-TEC to use the technology to its full potential and benefit from everything it has to offer.

After signup, a dedicated team member will guide you through the onboarding process, answer any questions and provide training to ensure you and your team are happy and confident.

They are also there if you need support or assistance. Across H-TEC, we strive to provide consistently high standards of service which always meet your expectations.

Any questions?

We’re all ears

Not sure of something, want a direct answer to your specific question, if so, let us know and we’ll happily help.


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