Achieve significant time and cost savings, while enhancing efficiency and productivity. Boost driver satisfaction and retention, and gain a true competitive edge.

New driver management system

This groundbreaking driver time management and tracking system benefits everyone. It eliminates the “us vs.” and management vs. driver tensions, while reducing costs and enhancing profitability.

Ensuring you and your employees are compliant with all legal requirements has never been easier.

Connected Benefits

Maximise driver resources

Optimize your resource allocation by assigning the right drivers to the right jobs. Empower planning teams with real-time visibility of all active and available drivers. Maximize the utilization of all resources to enhance operational efficiencies and boost profitability.

Reduce overheads

With our online real-time system, drivers can easily and swiftly submit their timesheets. Our digital timesheets have the potential to save your transport managers and drivers hundreds of hours in payroll administration.

Provide managers and drivers with clear visibility of hours and rates.

With Connected, you can finally calculate the actual costs of driver hours. Track hours and expenses precisely, with verification from tachograph data. Maintain accurate of driver activity, with real-time accessibility for transport managers and drivers online.

Enhance communication and cooperation between management and drivers.

Minimize disputes and grievances by eliminating payroll errors and incorrect driver expectations. Ensure that driver preferences are accounted for planning to improve the working environment. Deliver effective manager/driver communication to reduce misunderstandings, enhance productivity, and boost driver satisfaction and retention.

Address the challenges of compliance effectively.

Gain complete control over documenting driver time and working time directives, including the complexities of flexible shift start times. All your information in one place, readily accessible any time.

Unite drivers, management, and HR into one cohesive and effective team.

Connected can significantly enhance the overall performance of your business by eliminating the time-consuming and costly inefficiencies of outdated driver management practices. Unite drivers, management, and HR to drive your business forward and achieve outstanding bottom-line results.

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