Equipment Tracking

Our Telematics software solution offers a wide range of functions to help your business

We help you take control, increase security, improve safety and reduce costs. 

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Track usage and location of your equipment

H-TEC’s Equipment Tracking provides you with a complete bespoke solution that strengthens the existing systems to track in real-time across all networks to help dramatically improve and simplify your equipment pool management.

View a vehicles / assets location live on the map, click the icon to see live device status.

Multiple maps and differet layer options all in high-resolution.

Real-time activity and current status of all your vehicles.

Know where your equipment is at all times

H-TEC offers the intelligent tracking device that can be installed on all different types of equipment like cranes, shovels, excavators etc. The intelligent tracking device is very easy to install. Every asset is identified and displayed within the Live Tracking platform and on the live-time map within the cloud.

Sync, log, and store data securely in the cloud to simplify audits.

Keep control of your equipment 24/7

Geo-fences are virtual geographic boundaries which you can draw on the map to get notified whenever a tracker breaches that zone. Setting up a geo-fence zone takes only a few seconds and you can opt for on screen, email, sms and mobile notifications. Geofence zones allow businesses to easily record the time spent on or off the jobs, the stored time-location data can be used as proof of on-site customer service.

Real-time activity and current status of all your equipment.

Track anything, anytime, anywhere.

Our apps are built from scratch, specifically designed to be easy and functional for when you are on the go. Our apps are built from listening to our customers to truly understand the challenges they face and craft our mobile apps to help make monitoring their fleets and assets the easy part of running their business.

Written in a native script our fleet tracking apps run fast in popular mobile operating systems including Apple IOS (iphones and ipads) and Google Android.


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Here are some of the key features Equipment Tracking offers

Real-time GPS Data

IP67+ Devices

Easy to Install


Asset Identification

Detailed Reporting

We provide solutions for businesses across multiple industries

We can help you take control, increase security, improve safety and reduce costs.

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Love your lorries, protect your drivers

Connected camera solutions and much more for the complete visibility needed by today’s HGV operator. The eyes and ears of your fleet, helping you improve safety.

Dedicated Van solutions

Whether your business is deliveries or decorating, improve safety and efficiency across your vehicles and drivers with H-TEC.

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