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First aid courses are invaluable for drivers and staff


What exactly is First Aid? Essentially, it refers to the initial assistance provided in the event of an incident. For most of us, everyday life seldom involves encountering scenes of blood or gore. In these cases, first aid may simply involve applying a plaster to a minor cut.

However, what if you find yourself facing a more critical situation? Our Emergency Aid Course is designed to shed light on common scenarios you may encounter and equip you with the necessary actions to provide assistance.

In the most severe situations, a first aider plays a crucial role in assessing the scene, gathering accurate information to relay to emergency services, and taking appropriate actions to increase the chances of the patient’s survival.

Our Courses

A suitable course for the Appointed Person in a workplace where there is no nominated first aider, or for those who need training in basic life support.

Subject Areas:

  • Dealing with a non breathing casualty delivering CPR
  • Using an AED Machine in the event of a cardiac arrest
  • Dealing with an unconscious casualty and the recovery position

All first aiders who hold an in-date certificate are strongly recommended by the HSE to maintain their skills by completing a 3 hour Annual Refresher Course in each 12 month period following the date of certification.

Subject areas:

  • CPR and Rescue Breathing
  • Unconscious casualty checks
  • Wound care
  • AED use

For those first aiders who are working in HIGH RISK industries such as Construction, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Assembly, Production, Hot Works, Extrusions, or larger organisations where there are many employees, visitors or members of the public on the premises or where there are people with existing medical conditions that may require urgent first aid treatment.

Subject areas:

First aid kits and legislation
CPR and resuscitation
Using an AED in the event of a cardiac arrest
Unconscious casualties
Choking children and adults
Dealing with Bleeding wounds
Catastrophic bleeding wounds and use of tourniquets.
Burns and scalds
Head and Spinal Trauma
Anaphylaxis and use of Auto Injector Pens
Dealing with Asthma and using various inhalers and spacer devices
Epilepsy and how to deal with Epileptic events
Eye injuries
Managing Fractures, sprains and dislocations

Training solutions tailored to you

Our specialist transport training courses are designed to help you to gain nationally recognised transport qualifications, stay current with industry best practice and renew your periodic training.


Important Information

The DVSA are now clamping down on drivers who repeat the same CPC module in a 5 year period.

The move follows a review of the Driver CPC directive by the EU commission, which now states that “a range of different subjects should be covered over the 35 hours”.

The DVSA and JAUPT will take action against any driver that is found to repeat the same periodic training subjects as part of the Driver CPC.
The enforcement agency and the accreditation service said they had started monitoring training provider uploads and driver records and could revoke a driver qualification card (DQC) if they find that the rules have been broken.

When you book with us please ensure you are booking a module that you have not already completed in this 5 year period.

Nationwide Delivery

We deliver our training courses across the length and breadth of the UK, either at one of our specialist training facilities or at a client location.


Here at H-TEC, we deliver our training courses across the length and breadth of the UK, either at one of our specialist training centres or at a client location.

Cost Saving Solutions

With a cost saving being of upmost importance to our clients, we offer cost effective solutions and pay later options.

Client Satisfcation

We pride ourselves on putting our clients needs first, offering a first class level of service from the initial enquiry through to the delivery of the certificate or qualification.

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