Fleet Telematics

Fleet telematics provides critical vehicle information for fleet managers and operators. There are many benefits to be gained from fleet telematics data. The insights enable you to run your business better, save money and your service delivery. Telematics can transform your customer experience, delighting your customers as a result.

H-TEC supports insurance companies with telematics installation. We offer a unique service delivered directly to the driver via our team of experienced call centre staff.

We can help you with all your fleet telematics needs. We are one of the largest and most established telematics installations solution providers across passenger car, light commercial, HGV, plant and machinery in Europe.

At H-TEC, it’s not all about hardware and installation, you can also rely on us for consultancy. 

Blind spot cameras

Covering nearside, offside, front & rear blind spots, these cameras will help drivers check blind spots when turning, making tight manoeuvers, or moving around worksites. 

Load cameras

Protect your precious cargo. Giving drivers and transport managers visibility of their load allows it to be monitored when loading, transporting or tipping, making sure your cargo arrives at its destination safely.

Driver cameras

Gives transport managers access to vital information used to improve driver behaviour. Footage can also be used in the event of an accident to prove innocence, crucial when it comes to looking after driver welfare. 

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