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Allow us to present some of the remarkable individuals who lead our H-TEC team.

Emma Burdett

Emma Burdett


Emma founded H-TEC Transport Services Ltd in 2016. Since then she has grown the business year on year and continues to prove her dedication to delivering Software & Hardware Solutions to the Transport Industry.

Emma is a member of the Chartered Institute of Transport & Logistics and has developed her knowledge through years of working within the transport industry.

Dedicated to bringing new innovations to the transport industry she works to ensure her customers are fully informed, compliant and equipped to move their own businesses forward.
Tom Fish

Tom Fish

Head of Technical Services

Tom brings a wealth of knowledge in many areas of Software, as he comes to us from a strong background in IT Support.

 “I attended Nottingham Trent University where I studied a Bachelor of Science degree in Information and Communications Technology. I joined H-TEC in October of 2022 as a Support Analyst but have since been promoted to Head of Technical and I am enjoying every day working here, the team are friendly and dedicated and it’s a true pleasure working alongside them. I am greatly looking forward to the exciting times ahead as the company grows.” – Tom Fish BSc (Hons)
Lois Halfpenny

Lois Halfpenny

Projects and Team Manager

Lois is a key attribute to our team, taking accounts under her wing and learning the ropes of the transporting industry – no better way than liaising with customers and working closely with Emma and Tom on all of our projects. Happy to help with any billing and invoicing enquiries. Her eye for detail and enthusiastic attitude helps our team achieve excellence on every project.

Our Key Values


Our technology is market-leading and cutting-edge.

Our platform is dynamic, scalable for the future and interconnected.

We are constantly evolving and improving our technology.

Designed around fleet needs; centred on driver and vehicle compliance and safety.



Our world-leading technology is driving new standards in fleet management.

First-class customer service.
Dedicated customer support team.

Track record of customer business success.

Compliance & Safety

We protect drivers and businesses and improve driver compliance and safety.

Our cloud-based platform guarantees the security of information.

Essential compliance and protection for fleets and businesses of all sizes and types.

Reputation & Trust

We are experts with 20+ years fleet industry experience.

We are easy to work with and offer personal service.

Our solutions are safe, secure and reliable.

Integrity is at the core of our values.

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