Minimise risk with the digital walkaround checks platform

Pen & paper pitfalls

There are many potential pitfalls to using a pen and paper system. And that’s before we even consider social distancing and COVID-19 compliance. This alone is reason enough to ditch the pen and paper.

When enforcement officials pull a vehicle over, they’ll want evidence of an adequate HGV walkaround check. 15 minutes on the tacho before the vehicle leaves the depot and a hastily filled in sheet of paper won’t cut the mustard. When there’s an incident or accident, properly documented evidence of walkaround checks is crucial.

The Digital advantage

Using a digital vehicle checking process has many advantages and saves you time and hassle. It’s simple when using an app to set up processes to ensure that any reported issues are quickly resolved.

You can make sure jobs are automatically added to a technician’s list and fleet managers and drivers notified. This saves any time lag waiting for phone calls, papers being passed around and avoids issues falling through the cracks. It also means you have a complete record of work done.

Welcome to the future of vehicle checks

As a fleet operator, you need 100% driver compliance on vehicle walkaround checks.

Use the Walkaround Driver App for HGV walkaround checks and you’ll know drivers have fully completed and recorded checks.

Evidence is safely stored in the cloud – forever.

You’ll have a legally defensible, time and location stamped information, 100% verified HGV walkaround checks.

You’ll also get:

  • Automatic real-time notification of check completion and defects, including photos.
  • Instant remote access – regardless of where checks take place
  • The ability to create bespoke checks
  • An instant overview of every vehicle in your fleet.
  • Peace of mind thanks to an efficient, fully-integrated

To discover more about H-TEC call or email the team or book an online demo.

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