Class 7 Radioactive Folding Aluminium Hazard Warning Diamonds 250 x 250mm


An individual folding placard suitable for use on vehicles carrying hazardous substances. Cut from a durable aluminium material to the regulation 250 x 250 dimensions as required under ADR.

Under ADR a hazard warning placard must be 250 x 250mm in size. The surrounding black border must be 5mm in width and spaced 12.5mm from the placard edge. Similarly, where a substance is packaged in a quantity greater than its limited quantity a 100 x 100mm UN warning label is required. A label must have a border of thickness no less than 2mm spaced 5mm from the diamond edge.

Features and Benefits:

  • Hinged enabling it to be simply secured either open closed with toggle tum buttons
  • Aluminium construction to be permanently fixed to front and rear of vehicle
  • For vehicles over 12 ton carrying limit

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