Digital Tachograph made easy for HGV – LGV Drivers and Driver Managers
The advent of Digital Tachograph created new challenges in terms of reading and managing Tachograph data. With analogue Tachograph charts it is possible for the trained eye to spot problems but with digital this is no longer an option.

digifob allows a driver or driver manager to view driver card data instantly.

The smart way to read driver card data

digifob is by far the simplest way to display data from a Digital Tachograph driver card. The data is represented logically and uses industry standard symbols.

Helping to keep drivers within the law

digifob has been designed with driver safety in mind. By using digifob drivers can consistently ensure they comply with EU regulations and in turn ensure that both they and other road users are safe.

  • Lithium-Ion battery with USB charging
  • Bright OLED screen
  • USB connection to PC
  • Acts as USB card reader
  • Two button control
  • Battery indicator
  • Robust case

*Please note you will also require an analysis software system to be able to read and report on the data. For more information on H-TEC’s Tachograph Analysis option please call our Sales team on 01530 249030 or click here to fill in an online form.

Displayed Description
Daily Drive How much drive performed today and how much driving is left taking into account reductions.
Daily Rest Due Advises the date/time that the next daily rest is due by taking into account any Daily Rest Reductions.
Week Summary Displays drive and work time between the dates specified.
Weekly Rest Displays the start date/time of a continuous period of rest greater than 24 hours and less than 7 days and its duration.
Long Activity Identifies a period of activity considered to be out of the ordinary perhaps caused by incorrect mode selection.
Inactive A period of inactivity of 7 or more days. The date/time displayed refers to the start of the period.
Infringement Description
!Driving Break Insufficient break(s) taken in driving of 4hrs 30mins or more. Date/time refers to the start of a period of Drive which followed a valid Break or Daily Rest. The last 3 attempted breaks are shown.
!Daily Rest Insufficient rest has been taken in the last 24hr period the date/time displayed refers to the start of the relevant shift.
!Daily Drive The Daily Driving limit of 9 hours (10 hours if an extension is available) has been exceeded. The limit in force and the driving time are displayed.
!Weekly Rest Insufficient rest after 6, 24 hour periods following the previous Weekly Rest. Date/time shows the start of the 6 periods. Rests in excess of 45 hours and 24 hours are indicated.
!Weekly Drive More than 56 hours of driving has been recorded in a calendar week. Date shows the week start.
!2 Week Drive More than 90 hours of driving has been recorded in 2 calendar weeks. Date shows the fortnight start.

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