The VDO Downloadkey Pro S is a convenient and practical transport medium for downloading and archiving digital and smart tachograph mass memory and driver card data.
It features a 6 pin serial interface, which is compatible with all digital tachographs, and a USB 2.0 high speed interface for transferring data quickly to a PC.  The Download Pro S requires no separate power supply so it is always ready for use in vehicles and with PC’s.

*Please note you will also require an analysis software system to be able to read and report on the data. For more information on H-TEC’s Tachograph Analysis option please call our Sales team on 01530 249030 or click here to fill in an online form.


  • Fully support of newest smart tachograph generation e.g. DTCO 4.0
  • Mobile device in practical cell phone format: meet the legal obligations for downloading and archiving in an instant
  • Data is read from the tachographs and driver cards and can be then transferred to a PC
  • Simply insert the key in the six-pin port on the tachograph
  • Ideal for small fleets and owner-operators
  • Can be used for all 12-volt and 24-volt digital tacho

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