VDO DLK Pro Update Card


Please go to http://www.vdo-fleet.co.uk/meta-navigation/downloads/#softwareupdates and download file ‘DLK Pro Family Update 3.0.0’ to your computer. This is free of charge.

Plug your DLK Pro into the computer and run the downloaded file. This will update the software on to the DLK Pro key.

Purchase the SMART Tachograph Licence Card (Pt No. 2910002128800).

When you have the licence card, insert it into the card reader slot on the DLK Pro and this will automatically activate the functionality on the DLK Pro.

*Please note you will also require an analysis software system to be able to read and report on the data. For more information on H-TEC’s Tachograph Analysis option please call our Sales team on 01530 249030 or click here to fill in an online form.

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