Detect vulnerable road users in blind spots.

Perfect for all types of commercial vehicles, give confidence when making turns or manoeuvring in confined spaces or at low speeds.
Another valuable tool for reducing blind spots and prevent accidents, a great safety addition when combined with cameras.

Eletek Connect (UK) sensors can be added to any vehicle, and configured however you need them to work for your fleet. Whether you want them running constantly, activated with indicators, or to cut off above certain speed, we can install them to activate in a variety of ways.

These high quality sensors function night and day, no matter the weather conditions, and are smart enough to detect the difference between static and moving objects.


Can cover any side of your vehicle to detect vulnerable road users, whether you opt for just the front nearside corner or full 360° coverage, gthese sensors will give you the confidence to manoeuver your vehicle safely. 

Internal alarm

An audible and visual warning that your sensors have detected an object in the blind spot, and take appropriate action. Alarm repeats faster the closer the object to the vehicle.

Reverse, Left & Right turn warnings.

External, audible warnings to vulnerabe road users that the vehicle is turning. Activated by indicators, the alarm will sound “Vehicle turning left” or “Vehicle turning right”, depending on which alarm is chosen.

Speed switch

Programmable so that sensors will only activate below a certain speed. For example, Direct Visions Standard states that sensors “may switch off at speeds above 20mph”.

Night time cut off

A manual switch, cancelling the reverse, left and right turn warnings, to be used between the hour of 11.30pm and 7am only, to reduce noise pollution. 

If you’re looking to meet DVS, FORS or HS2 standards, or even create a bespoke safety system, these sensor systems can be combined with our CAMERAS to meet whatever safety requirements you have.

All systems are versatile and customisable, allowing you to create something that will solve any challenge your fleet faces.

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