Smart Workflows

Have you ever thought about your job?

Not the job description or the end result, but all the hundreds or thousands of clicks, processes and bits of paper that you use every day. Sit back, think about it for a moment, it’s a lot. Office users can easily rack up over a million keystrokes on a keyboard a year.

Now consider how many of your million keystrokes are dealing with fleet compliance, drivers documents, scheduling loads?

I bet it’s a lot, right?

Now what if something could ease your burden a little, reduce those keystrokes – would your fingers, hands and wrists be happy? Could you maybe get an extra coffee break, two perhaps?

Smart Workflows are great for making this happen, but you are thinking “what is a smart workflow?” or “yeah right!” or “sales pitch….” and you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that.

A smart workflow is very simple really, it is a system that automates some of the mundane daily stuff that you hate.

It will allow you to easily plan , book and complete jobs – but you are already doing that.

A Smart Workflow though can ensure your documentation is filed directly to the job record, you can view all the scheduled activities, get automatic reminders. You can even get reports on drivers tachographs with full analysis, it will show working hours but that’s not all.

A smart workflow will know that when X happens, then to expect Y or Z, it can remind you of MOT testing, ensure your drivers licences are up to date (and remind you and them if they aren’t) and can also deal with defect reporting and a whole lot more.

It can actually make your life easier, your transport business more efficient and remove stress and RSI from those million keystrokes. You can take care of your fleet management quickly, efficiently – its easy.

And what’s better, you can have a free demo so you know its not just a sales pitch (and yes, you saw that one coming…)

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