Smart2: Is here

Starting from August 21, 2023, all newly registered vehicles must be equipped with the new Smart Tachograph version 2 (Smart2). And by August 21, 2025, all vehicles involved in international transport will need to be retrofitted with it as well.

Smart2 brings some fantastic features to the table. It not only records the position and time of border-crossings but also requires drivers to log load/unload operations and specify whether they’re carrying goods or passengers. Plus, it increases record storage from 28 to a whopping 56 days! This extended storage capacity is essential for accommodating changes in roadside enforcement of driving hours and rest periods. With added Bluetooth connectivity and enhanced security against GNSS jamming and spoofing attacks, these new tachographs offer numerous benefits.

For our loyal customers who currently use Smart Tachograph (Gen 2) version 1 compatible products, rest assured that they will also work seamlessly with Smart2 once you update their firmware.

Our products have effortlessly transitioned through various generations and versions while adapting to legislative amendments that require updates to our EU rules engine.

At H-TEC Group, we take pride in supplying long-lasting and reliable products that have earned us a trusted reputation within the industry. Additionally, we do not to charge for firmware updates or take advantage of the opportunities to profit from tachograph changes.

This means that when you purchase one of our products, future firmware updates will always be available to you.

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